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GRAMMAR can for ability (A1 Beginner)

Learn or review GRAMMAR about can for ability, at A1 Beginner level of English, with our free and interactive online explanations and exercises.

Part 1: Positive and negative

We use can to talk about things we know how to do.


Positive (+) I / You / He / She / It/ We / Your / They can swim.
Negative (-) can’t


I can swim well.  NOT I can to swim well.

She can swim well.  NOT She cans swim well.

He can’t swim well.  NOT He not can swim well.

I cannot swim. → ‘I can’t swim.’
In all persons (I / you / he / she / it / we / they) can / can’t and the verb don’t change.


Part 2: Questions

Yes/ No questions Positive Answer Negative answer
Can you swim? Yes, you can. No, you can’t.
Can she swim? Yes, she can. No, she can’t
Can they swim? Yes, they can. No, they can’t.


Can you swim?   NOT You can swim?
Yes, I can.    NOT Yes, I swim.
No, I can’t.   NOT No, I not swim.



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