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GRAMMAR going to for future plans (A1 Beginner)

Learn or review GRAMMAR about going for future plans, at A1 Beginner level of English, with our free and interactive onlince exercises.

Part 1: Positive

We use be + going to to talk about things we plan to do in the future.

Positive (+)
I I‘m going to

have a cup of coffee.

go shopping.

have chicken tonight.

you / we / they You‘re
he / she / it He‘s

I’m going to visit Cusco.

NOT I going to visit Cusco.

NOT I’m going visit Cusco.

NOT I’m go to visit Cusco.

Part 2: Negative


Negative (-)
I I‘m not going to

go on a holiday

study this weekend.

visit her sister.

you / we / they You‘re not
he / she / it She‘s not

We aren’t going to visit Cusco.

NOT We’re going not to visit Cusco.



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