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WRITING because and also (A1 Beginner)

Learn or review WRITING about because and also at A1 Beginner level of English, with our free and interactive online exercises. Register and start for free.

a Look at the sentences and read about because and also.

I walk to work every day because my house is near my office.

We go out to a restaurant for pizza every Saturday. We also have coffe there.


We use because and also to join ideas.
Because joins two ideas in one sentence. We use because to give a reason . It answers the question Why?

A Why do you like your job?
B (Because) It’s interesting.

I like my university because classes are interesting.
He sleeps in the morning because he works at night.


• Also joins two ideas in two sentences. It means and.

He plays football and basketball. He plays tennis.
He plays football and basketball. He also plays tennis. (= He plays football, basketball and tennis.)

• We use also before the verb:

He sleeps in the morning. He also sleeps in the afternoon.

• We use also after be:
I’m a teacher I’m also a singer.

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