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in LANGCOM we reward your effort and dedication in mastering English, offering a full educational and tourism scholarships each year to London, England, the birthplace of English


  • The LANGCOM England Excellence Scholarship is a full scholarship that consists of a 1-week trip to the city of London in England (United Kingdom), to take an intensive English course, as well as tours to the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

  • 2 full scholarships will be awarded and the winners will be chosen by strict order of merit


  • The choice is one by one. If for any reason the student cannot travel on the scheduled date, the scholarship will be awarded to the next student in strict order of general merit.
  • The selected students must have obtained a grade of A in each section of the corresponding Cambridge international exam. In the event that there are two or more students who qualify AND GET THE Cambridge international exam and meet the same criteria, the highest mark obtained in each section of the
  • Cambridge international scale exam would be taken into account.
  • Students are identified in strict order of merit in the month of October of each year, LANGCOM’s anniversary month.
  • The selected students must be at least 18 years old on the date of the selection.
    Who does not obtain the respective visa, which is granted by the British Embassy, does not qualify. The visa process is the responsibility of each student.



To be a potential candidate for the LANGCOM England Excellence Scholarship, our students must meet the following requirements:

1. Obtain a grade of “A” on the Cambridge English B2 First (FCE), Cambridge English C1 Advanced (CAE) or Cambridge English C2 Proficiency (CPE) exam from the Cambridge English Language Assessment. The Cambridge exam must be taken at LANGCOM Huaraz, Lima Euro-languages ​​or Arequipa Euro-languages.

2. Have studied a minimum of 30 courses at LANGCOM, in the face-to-face, blended or online modalities, in the 4 years prior to your application for the LANGCOM England scholarship. The 4-year count is done as follows:

Month in which the exam was taken Consideration period of courses studied
December 2019 November 2015 to December 2019
July 2020 June 2016 to July 2020
December 2020 November 2016 to December 2020


2. Students will be selected by general order of merit and those students who obtain the highest averages, from highest to lowest, will be taken into account, considering A as the highest score as well as its equivalent on the Cambridge 0-230 scale.

3. Not having enjoyed the benefit of any scholarship or half scholarship from LANGCOM studies.

The winner (s) will be revealed on the day of the Cambridge Certificate Award Ceremony.

If a student under the age of 16 wins, they will have to wait until they are 16 to be eligible for the scholarship.

Awards and Promotion

  1. Once the beneficiaries are selected, a notarized letter is sent to each of them informing them that they have been chosen as beneficiaries of the LANGCOM England Grant, for which the students must approach the institution within a period of no more than 7 business days from receipt of the letter, to accept or decline the scholarship.
  2. Failure to approach within the indicated period, the scholarship will be resolved as not accepted.
    The scholarship recipients must have processed the necessary documents to be able to make the trip. If an unforeseen event arises that prevents them from traveling, they must notify LANGCOM and they must indicate it to us by means of a written document presented to the Administration.
  3. Students traveling with the LANGCOM England Scholarship must sign a commitment with the institution to offer interviews and declare their acceptance to be videotaped and photos taken during the trip, confirming their acceptance for dissemination. They also undertake to give a testimonial about their experience in the intensive English course and what they learned from British culture, upon returning from the corresponding trip, to the prominent LANGCOM person.
  4. Fellows must attend a two-week preparation talk before the scheduled departure date, where they will receive instruction on British culture, what is expected of them during the course, behavior, dress code and all information for make your learning and stay in England an unforgettable experience.
    Note: LANGCOM reserves the right to vary the bases to access the scholarship when it deems appropriate. The trip takes place in February of each year; LANGCOM reserves the right to change the date.

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